Air Operating Permit Program

Who to Contact: Air quality operating permits contain all applicable requirements for all emission points at a facility. There are two types of operating permits: major source (federal program) and minor source (state program). The potential emissions from the plant will determine whether a facility will obtain a major or minor operating permit. More information about the air quality operating permit program can be found in the Operating Permits Fact Sheet.
Operating Permits Fact Sheet

Who needs to apply? Major Source Operating Permits Minor Source Operating Permits
Potential Emission Calculation Spreadsheets
Operating Permit Application forms

Low Emitter Program
Nebraska’s Low Emitter Rule Fact Sheet.
Low Emitter Worksheet form

Permit-by-Rule Program
Permit-by-Rule Fact Sheet

Permit-By-Rule Application forms

Air Quality Permit Application Tips and Other Tidbits

Supporting Regulations:
Chapter 42 provides the regulations for the Permit-by-Rule program.

More Information:

Title 129 – Nebraska Air Quality Regulations

Directory of Environmental Consultants and Engineers

Operating Permit Application Forms & Publications

Hazardous Air Pollutant List

Construction Permit Program

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