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Hospital Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers -  Subpart WWWWW

Applicability: eCFR Subpart WWWWW []

This subpart applies to:
  • Ethylene oxide sterilization facilities located at hospitals that are Area Sources of HAPs.
Applies to hospitals that are an area source* of hazardous air pollutants (HAP). An area source is a facility that has the potential to emit <10 tons per year (TPY) of individual hazardous air pollutants (HAP) or 25 TPY of combined HAP. “Hospitals” are defined as those facilities that provide medical care and treatment for patients who are acutely or chronically ill on an inpatient basis under supervision of licensed physicians and under 24 hr/day nursing care. Hospitals include diagnostic and major surgery facilities.

*An area source of HAP has the potential to emit <10 tons per year (tpy) of a single HAP or <25 tpy of a combination of HAPs.
Rules apply to small, area sources? Yes
Known Sources in NDEQ Jurisdiction:

Facility ID

38699Columbus Community HospitalColumbus
9147Fremont Area Medical CenterFremont
24330Veterans Affairs Medical CenterGrand Island
36138Faith Regional Health ServiceNorfolk
42934Alegent Health Midlands HospitalPapillion
44490Regional West Medical CenterScottsbluff

Date of Original Final Rule: 12/28/07
Amendments Dates:
State Regulations (Title 129): Title 129, Chapter 28, Section 001.102. Sources are also responsible for ensuring they are in compliance with current federal requirements found for this subpart in the CFR.
Federal Regulations: 40 CFR 63.10382
Related Rules:

NESHAP - 40 CFR Part 63

Subpart O - Commercial Sterilizers
Regulations and Federal Registers:
eCFR Subpart WWWWW []

(See attached file: 5W - Fed. Reg. 2007-12-28 - Final Rule.pdf)

(See attached file: 5W - Fed. Reg. 2006-11-06 - Proposed Rule.pdf)

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111 KB 5W - Fed. Reg. 2007-12-28 - Final Rule.pdf
180 KB 5W - Fed. Reg. 2006-11-06 - Proposed Rule.pdf
Forms: NDEQ Notification Form

(See attached file: 5W - Initial Notification Form.pdf)(See attached file: 5W - Initial Notification Form.docx)

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154 KB 5W - Initial Notification Form.pdf
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Important Dates: Source Classification
  • Existing Source = constructed or reconstructed sterilization unit before 11/6/2006
  • New Source = constructed or reconstructed sterilization unit on or after 11/6/2006
Compliance Dates
  • Existing source = 12/29/2008
  • New source = 12/28/2007 or upon startup
Initial Notification of Compliance Status
  • Existing source = 6/27/2009
  • New source = 180 days after compliance date

FAQs, Fact Sheets, and Rule Summaries: (See attached file: 5W - EPA brochure.pdf)
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Presentations, Training and Articles: (See attached file: 5W - NDEQ News Release 04-2008.pdf)
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Other Information and Resources: EPA's Area Source Website [] - contains federal register notices and implementation tools
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