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Miscellaneous Metal Parts Surface Coating -  Subpart MMMM

Applicability: eCFR Subpart MMMM []

This subpart applies to:
  1. Major sources* of HAPs that use 250 gallons per year of HAP containing coating materials and coat metal parts.
*Major Sources of HAPs emit or have the potential to emit:
  • ≥ 10 tons/year of any single HAP, or
  • ≥ 25 tons/year of total HAPs.
  • Area Sources emit less than Major Sources.
If a facility is subject to multiple coating NESHAPs, it has three compliance options:
  1. Comply with each NESHAP separately;
  2. Comply with an emission limitation that represents the dominant surface coating activity; or
  3. Comply with a facility-specific emission limit calculated from the relative amount of coating activity that is subject to each emission limit.

Not subject to this subpart:
  1. Sources that use only coatings, thinners and/or other additives, and cleaning materials that contain no organic HAP.
  2. Surface coating at research or laboratory facilities, or is part of janitorial, building, and facility maintenance operations, or that occurs at hobby shops operated for noncommercial purposes.
  3. Coatings used in volumes of less than 189 liters (50 gallons (gal)) per year, provided that the total volume of coatings exempt does not exceed 946 liters (250 gal) per year at the facility.
  4. Performed on-site at installations owned or operated by the Armed Forces of the United States, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or the surface coating of military munitions manufactured by or for the Armed Forces of the United States.
  5. Surface coating where plastic is extruded onto metal wire or cable or metal parts or products to form a coating.
  6. Application of specialty coatings defined in appendix A to 40 CFR part 63, subpart GG to a metal aerospace vehicle or component.
  7. Surface coating that meet the applicability criteria for the following NESHAPs (40 CFR Part 63):
    • Subpart JJ for wood furniture
    • Subpart NNNN for large appliances
    • Subpart RRRR for metal furniture
    • Subpart QQQQ for wood building products
    • Subpart GG for aerospace manufacturing and rework
    • Subpart II for shipbuilding and ship repair
    • Subpart JJJJ for paper and other web coating
    • Subpart SSSS for metal coil coating
    • Subpart VVVV for boat manufacturing, except where the surface coating of the boat is a metal coating operation performed on personal watercraft or parts of personal watercraft.
    • Subpart PPPP for plastic parts and products
    • Subpart IIII for automobiles and light-duty trucks.
Rules apply to small, area sources? No
Known Sources in NDEQ Jurisdiction:

Facility ID

BD Medical Systems
CNH Grand Island Plant
Grand Island

Date of Original Final Rule: 1/2/04
Amendments Dates: 12/26/2006 - Direct Final Rule
04/26/2004 - Final Rule
State Regulations (Title 129): Title 129,Chapter 28, Section 001.81. Sources are also responsible for ensuring they are in compliance with current federal requirements found for this subpart in the CFR.
Federal Regulations: 40 CFR 63.3880
Related Rules:

NSPS – 40 CFR Part 60

Subpart EE - Metal Furniture Surface Coating
Subpart MM – Auto and Light-Duty Truck Surface Coating Operations
Subpart SS - Large Appliance Surface Coating
Subpart TT - Metal Coil Coating
Subpart WW - Beverage Can Surface Coating
Subpart TTT - Plastic Parts and Business Machines Surface Coating

NESHAP – 40 CFR Part 63
Subpart II - Shipbuilding and Ship Repair
Subpart GG - Aerospace Manufacturing
Subpart IIII – Auto and Light Duty Truck Surface Coating
Subpart NNNN - Large Appliance Coating
Subpart PPPP - Plastic Parts and Products Surface Coating
Subpart QQQQ - Wood Building Products
Subpart RRRR - Metal Furniture Surface Coating
Subpart SSSS - Metal Coil Surface Coating
Subpart KKKK - Metal Can Surface Coating
Subpart WWWW - Reinforced Plastic Composites Manufacturing
Subpart HHHHHH - Paint Stripping and Misc. Surface Coating (Area Sources)
Subpart XXXXXX - Metal Fabrication (Area Sources)
Regulations and Federal Registers:
eCFR Subpart MMMM []

(See attached file: 4M - Fed. Reg. 2006-04-20 - Final Rule; Amendments.pdf)

(See attached file: 4M - Fed. Reg. 04-26-04 - Amendment.pdf)

(See attached file: 4M - Fed. Reg. 01-02-04 - Final Rule.pdf)

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Important Dates: (See attached file: 4M - EPA Compliance Timeline.pdf)
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FAQs, Fact Sheets, and Rule Summaries: (See attached file: 4M - EPA Brochure.pdf)

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Presentations, Training and Articles:
Other Information and Resources: EPA's Subpart MMMM Website [] - contains federal register notices and implementation tools

University of Tennessee MACT MMMM Page [] - contains summaries and guidance

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