A bulletin produced by Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality's
Air Quality Division
Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality
April 2009
Grants Soon Available To Reduce Diesel Emissions in Nebraska

The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) will soon issue a public notice requesting proposals for grant awards to receive funding for the retrofitting, engine upgrades or repowers, and possible replacement of diesel-powered vehicles or equipment in Nebraska. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded NDEQ a grant totaling nearly $1.73 million. This grant is to be used for reducing diesel emissions, while at the same time stimulating Nebraska’s economy and preserving and/or creating jobs in our state.

Grant proposals must be submitted to NDEQ by June 30, 2009. More information regarding the grant process, including instructions and forms, will be posted on NDEQ’s web site soon under the Request for Proposals.

The grant, a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, targets one of the most important air quality challenges facing the country. Emissions of nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and air toxics are emitted from millions of diesel engines in use on and off the nation’s roads. These emissions contribute to public health problems as varied and wide-ranging as asthma attacks, impaired breathing, lost work days and premature deaths. The NDEQ ARRA grant program offers several technology options for the multitude of diesel-powered fleets in Nebraska. NDEQ will provide funding assistance to cover up to 100% of the cost for these diesel emission reduction activities:

Emission reduction efforts under the Nebraska grant will target the following sectors:

¤ School Buses ¤ Transit Buses ¤ Medium Duty Trucks ¤ Refuge Haulers ¤ Delivery Trucks
¤ Construction ¤ Agriculture ¤ Heavy Duty Trucks ¤ Concrete Trucks ¤ Long-Haul Trucks

Any public entity or private organization that has eligible diesel equipment and operates primarily in Nebraska is eligible to apply for and receive funding for assistance as part of this grant. If you have any questions about this grant, please contact Gerry Allen at (402) 471-4272 or email at gerry.allen@nebraska.gov.

For more information, contact

Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality
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P.O. Box 98922
Lincoln, Nebraska 68509
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