NDEQ’s One Stop Permit Program

Go - Stop SignThe One-Stop Permit Assistance program was established to serve as a clearinghouse for information related to the Department’s various permitting processes. This program’s objective is to ensure that businesses and industry are aware of what permits they are required to apply for, what information they will need to provide in the permit application, and the permit process. The One-Stop Program Coordinator doesn’t personally address all inquiries, but acts as a single point of contact at NDEQ for Nebraska businesses, brings together appropriate NDEQ staff to address questions or concerns and ensure that inquiries about potential permits, regulatory processes, and other issues receive a timely response. The one-stop program also coordinates activities with other state, federal or other assistance organizations and regulatory programs in an attempt to address questions and concerns in a timely and comprehensive manner.

Contact NDEQ about the One Stop Permit Program at (402) 471-8697, or contact the program by e-mail at NDEQ.assistance@nebraska.gov .

The following brochure produced by NDEQ provides more information for businesses with permitting questions:

What Every Nebraska Business Should Know About Environmental Permits

The following link provides a menu of DEQ’s permitting programs:

NDEQ Permitting and Authorization Programs

NDEQ’s One Stop Permit Program: Think Local

In general, most business projects require some type of permit from local city or county government. NDEQ recommends contacting your local city or county government office to see if there are any local requirements that might apply. Local ordinances and regulations may be as stringent, or more stringent, than the state’s rules and regulations for many permits. In addition, many local governments require special use permits and/or a business license prior to conducting any activity within their jurisdiction. The following is a link that lists some local government contact information throughout Nebraska: http://www.statelocalgov.net/state-ne.cfm.

The One-Stop Program Coordinator can help you find the correct local contacts for your questions.

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