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Industrial Surface Coating: Surface Coating of Plastic Parts for Business Machines -  Subpart TTT

Applicability: eCFR Subpart TTT [ecfr.gov]

This subpart applies to:
  1. Spray booths in which plastic parts for use in the manufacture of business machines receive prime coats, color coats, texture coats, or touch-up coats; and that commence construction, modification or reconstruction after Jan 8, 1986.
Known Sources in NDEQ Jurisdiction:
Date of Original Final Rule: 1/29/88
Amendments Dates: 10/17/2000 (65 FR 61744)
06/15/1989 (54 FR 25459)
05/27/1988 (53 FR 19300)
State Regulations: Title 129, Chapter 18, Section 001.24
Federal Regulations: 40 CFR 60.720
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