Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality
Summer 2009

Pesticide Bulk Storage Requires Load-out and Containment

The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality is reminding those who store fertilizers and pesticides in bulk that they may be subject to secondary containment and load-out requirements.

With the current economic conditions, those who use or re-sell fertilizers and pesticides are looking to economy of scale to help keep profitability in the picture. As a result, many brokers and applicators are buying these chemicals in larger and larger quantities.

Many times this necessitates containment and load-out facilities, and brings with it new management considerations. If you have bulk liquid fertilizer or pesticides, you may be subject to the secondary containment regulations in Title 198 – Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Agricultural Chemical Containment. The same is true if you apply pesticide or fertilizer solutions for hire.

For specific information, or for a copy of the Title 198 regulations, please contact the Agriculture Section, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, P.O. Box 98922, Lincoln, Nebraska 68509, phone (402) 471-4239, or visit the NDEQ website at

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