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Sustainable Practices 2006

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September 8, 2006

Wingspread Principles Call for Immediate Climate Action by U.S. Organizations and individuals who believe the United States must take immediate, comprehensive action against global warming can now go to the website below and sign on to the “Wingspread Principles on the U.S. Response to Global Warming.” The 12 Wingspread Principles are: Urgency, Effective Action, Consistency and Continuity of Purpose, Opportunity, Predictability, Flexibility, Everyone Plays, Multiple Benefits, Accurate Market Signals, Prudent Preparation, International Solutions, and Fairness. The Preface to the Principles states that global climate change “tests our capacity to make intelligent changes in our economy, policies and behaviors in the interest of all people and all generations.” (Wingspread Principles, 2006, http://www.summits.ncat.org/energy_climate/statement.php)

Honolulu’s Punahou School Named America’s Greenest School. The Green Guide has named Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii first in its America’s Top Green Schools report on environmentally conscious academic communities across the country. The school built its Case Middle School according to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards complete with waterless urinals, photovoltaic arrays, and even a Hawaiian plant nursery. Punahou has committed to building all future buildings on its campus according to the LEED standards. The Green Guide noted Punahou’s commitment to healthy lifestyles and singled out the fact that its vending machines do not include candy. Punahou was praised for its commitment to policies that “aim to make children’s lives healthier and help the environment.” (The Green Guide, 2006, http://www.thegreenguide.com)

Expedia Offers Travelers a Chance to Offset Airline CO2 Emissions. Expedia has become the first online travel agency to offer environmentally conscious travelers a quantifiable greenhouse gas reduction program to balance out the global warming impact of their flights. Expedia is offering the service through TerraPass, the leading retailer of greenhouse gas reduction projects in the United States. Travelers can now pay a small fee to sponsor a measured, verified reduction in greenhouse gas emission directly proportional to the emissions created by their plane flight. TerraPass funds domestic clean energy projects, such as wind farms, innovative “cow power” methane capture plants, and the retirement of carbon offsets on the Chicago Climate Exchange. (Expedia,Inc., August 28, 2006, http://www.expedia.com)

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