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2011 Air Program Update Workshop to be held in Lincoln

The Air Update Workshops will provide the attendee updates on current air quality regulations and issues. NDEQ encourages anyone working with air quality regulations to attend.

Lincoln - August 17, 2011 (9:00 am – 3:00 pm)
Lancaster County Extension Office
444 Cherrycreek Rd.

Agenda Topics
  • NAAQS Update
  • PM2.5 Implementation -- Permitting perspectives
  • Chapter 5/7 Operating Permit Updates -- GHG, non GHG
  • NSPS Updates -- Notebook/finalized rules, grain elevators
  • Open Forum -- Ask the experts
Workshop Presentation Handouts

Air Update Workshop presentation handouts are posted below for you to print and bring with you to the workshop. Presentation handouts will not be available at the workshops. Compact discs will be distributed at the workshops that will include all of the presentations along with additional relevant information. The PDFs below provide the handout information:

NAAQS Update:
(See attached file: 2011 NAAQS Presentation ppt.pdf) (See attached file: 2011 NAAQS Presentation Handouts.pdf)

PM 2.5 Implementation:
(See attached file: PM25PowerPoint.pdf) (See attached file: PM2.5Links_Handout.pdf) (See attached file: PM25Presentation Handout.pdf)

Greenhouse Gas:
(See attached file: GHGs.pdf) (See attached file: GHGs_Handout.pdf) (See attached file: GHGRPR table_Handout.pdf) (See attached file: GHG table_Handout.pdf)

NSPS Notebook:
(See attached file: NSPS Updates.pdf) (See attached file: NSPS Notebook handout.pdf)

Proposed Title 129 Changes:
(See attached file: OPs_&_Title129_Proposed_Changes.pdf) (See attached file: OPs_&_Title129_Proposed_Changes Handouts.pdf)

Additional Documents

Question and Answers (Lincoln meeting):
(See attached file: Open Forum Q_A.pdf)

(See attached file: Additional Documents.zip)

Paper copies of the presentations will not be provided at the workshops.
There is a registration fee of $15.00 to attend each workshop.

Morning snacks, beverages, and lunch will be provided. Registration is due one week prior to the workshop you plan to attend. We appreciate your early registration so we can ensure a sufficient quantity of materials and food for the luncheon.

If you have any questions or need more information,
please contact Tim Kalb at (402) 471-3139 or tim.kalb@nebraska.gov.

SizeFile Name
2,567 KB 2011 NAAQS Presentation ppt.pdf
2,585 KB 2011 NAAQS Presentation Handouts.pdf
337 KB PM25PowerPoint.pdf
11 KB PM2.5Links_Handout.pdf
201 KB PM25Presentation Handout.pdf
145 KB GHGs.pdf
74 KB GHGs_Handout.pdf
22 KB GHGRPR table_Handout.pdf
24 KB GHG table_Handout.pdf
480 KB NSPS Updates.pdf
93 KB NSPS Notebook handout.pdf
1,873 KB OPs_&_Title129_Proposed_Changes.pdf
886 KB OPs_&_Title129_Proposed_Changes Handouts.pdf
12 KB Open Forum Q_A.pdf
4,072 KB Additional Documents.zip