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For Immediate Release
March 6, 2009

Anticipated Recovery Funds Would Be Used to Clean Up, Investigate Tank Sites

Note: The charts and statistics in this news release have subsequently been updated. For revised information, go to NDEQ’s Recovery pages and select Underground Storage Tanks, located at:

Approximately $2.27 million in anticipated American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding would be used for the investigation and cleanup of 58 leaking underground storage tank sites in 42 Nebraska communities. Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) Director Mike Linder sent letters to officials in selected communities today to inform them that work is expected to soon begin.

This portion of Recovery Act funding can only be used at sites where there is no viable responsible person to do the cleanup. The sites selected by the state meet this federal requirement, and have been ranked by NDEQ as priority sites needing cleanup or further investigation. Funding would be used for:
  • Cleanups – Seven leaking underground storage tank sites in six communities have completed the investigation phase and are ready to proceed with the remediation (cleanup) process. In some cases, the cleanup would continue after ARRA funds were used. Other sites would be completely cleaned up using ARRA funds. It is expected that over the next two years, about $1.1 million will be spent on cleanup at these sites. (Refer to the attachment below “Chart 1 – cleanups” for a list of those sites. This information was updated Aug. 10, 2009).
  • Site Investigations – ARRA funds would be used to complete site investigation at 51 sites in 36 communities. Contamination has been reported at these sites and an initial investigation is necessary to determine the extent of soil and groundwater contamination. NDEQ will also evaluate if there are buildings, wells, sewers, or other potential structures which may be impacted by the contamination. At the conclusion of the investigation, a recommendation will be made to close the site or perform further remedial actions. It is expected that about $1 million will be spent on the investigation at these sites. (Refer to the attachment below “Chart 2 – investigations” for a list of those sites.)

In addition to ARRA funding, NDEQ’s Petroleum Remediation Program will continue to provide funds from the Petroleum Release Remedial Action Reimbursement Fund to help investigate and clean up additional sites across the state. Last year, about $8.6 million was used for cleanup and investigation costs through this state program.

“This additional funding will get work under way at more locations across the state, and will provide more jobs for Nebraska workers,” Linder said.

“Leakage from underground petroleum tanks has affected communities all across the state. The combination of existing state funds and new recovery funds will help us further define the extent of the contamination, and clean up the priority sites.”

Below is a chart listing the planned cleanup sites:
(See attached file: Table 1 - Cleanups - revised 08-10-09.pdf)
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Below is a chart listing the sites intended to be investigated:
(See attached file: Table 2 - Investigations.pdf)
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Below is a map showing the locations of the sites:
(See attached file: LUSTARRAlocationmap[1].pdf)
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