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NDEQ Meetings to Discuss Proposed Changes to

State Air Regulations Relating to Greenhouse Gases

The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality will host two information sessions on Sept. 15 to discuss proposed changes to the state’s Title 129 – Air Quality Regulations. The proposed changes would incorporate new federal requirements for facilities that emit greenhouse gases. The information sessions will also discuss how these changes may impact facilities in Nebraska.

NDEQ staff will provide background information on the federal rule and NDEQ’s proposal for incorporating the federal program into Title 129. The Department will also discuss the ramifications of becoming a major source, including what effect the new rule may have on emission fees and permitting actions. NDEQ staff will be available to take questions and suggestions.

Both meetings will be held on September 15. The times and locations are:

Grand Island -- 9 to 11 a.m., Midtown Holiday Inn, 2503 South Locust Street.

Lincoln -- 2 to 4 p.m., the Atrium, 1200 N Street, Second Floor Conference Room

Below are draft proposed changes to Title 129 by chapter, a matrix chart that summarizes the changes, and a Response to Comments document:

Draft Chapter 1
(See attached file: GHGChapter1_Sept9.pdf)
File size 75 KB
Draft Chapter 2
(See attached file: GHGChapter2_Sept9.pdf)
File size 11 KB
Draft Chapter 5
(See attached file: GHGChapter5_Sept9.pdf)
File size 13 KB
Draft Chapter 19
(See attached file: GHGChapter19_Sept9.pdf)
File size 48 KB
GHG matrix
(See attached file: GHGT129Matrix_Sept9.pdf)
File size 26 KB
Response to Comments
(See attached file: ResponseGHGRule.pdf)
File size 24 KB

SizeFile Name
75 KB GHGChapter1_Sept9.pdf
11 KB GHGChapter2_Sept9.pdf
13 KB GHGChapter5_Sept9.pdf
48 KB GHGChapter19_Sept9.pdf
26 KB GHGT129Matrix_Sept9.pdf
24 KB ResponseGHGRule.pdf