issued jointly from the
Nebraska Wildlife Protectors' Association
Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality

Brian McManus, Department of Environmental Quality, (402) 471-4223
Leah Bucco-White, HHSS Communications, (402) 471-9356
Jim Carney, Game and Parks Commission, (402) 471-5547
Jim Bowen, USACE (308) 799-2105
For Immediate Release
April 21, 2009

Reward Offered to Help Identify Shell Creek Polluters

The Nebraska Wildlife Protectors’ Association, in cooperation with the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, is again offering a reward for information resulting in charges filed against anyone illegally and intentionally dumping or discharging wastes into the Shell Creek watershed in Platte County and surrounding area. This is the second year the reward has been offered.

Shell Creek has experienced numerous fish kills over the years, but a lack of evidence identifying those responsible for dumping or discharging wastes has frustrated law enforcement officials. When industrial, livestock or domestic wastes enter a water body, it can kill fish and their food supply, such as aquatic insects. Some locations on the Shell Creek watershed are now mostly devoid of any aquatic life. Due to bacteria contained in some waste discharges, there may also be human health concerns if a person comes in contact with the waste.

If you have information, please call the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality toll-free at 1-877-253-2603.