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For Immediate Release
June 30, 2011

New NPDES Industrial Storm Water General Permit Goes Into Effect

A new NPDES Industrial Storm Water General Permit was signed June 30 and is in effect for all applications submitted to NDEQ after July 1, 2011. This general permit, also known as the Industrial Storm Water General Permit, or ISW-GP, NPDES NER900000, is an industrial storm water permit that authorizes discharges of storm water associated with industrial activities to: Waters of the State, Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems, or Combined Sewer Systems. This permit is applicable statewide to 11 categories of industrial activity established in state regulations (Chapter 10 of Title 119). It does not apply to construction activity.

The permit replaces the general permit (NER000000) for Storm Water Discharges Associated with Industrial Activity issued September 18, 1997. The new permit is reflective of EPA requirements contained in the federal 2008 Multi-Sector General Permit.

To view the new permit, fillable forms, and guidance, go to and select Publications and Forms, Water Quality, Applications and Forms, and select NPDES Permit for Industrial Storm Water Discharges. Or, the direct URL is: