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NDEQ Invites Comments on Air Permit Conditions I and II

Oct. 3, 2017 -- NDEQ is restructuring and standardizing Conditions I and II in air quality construction permits (CP), air quality operating permits (OP), and the accompanying fact sheets. These changes are intended to unify permit conditions and streamline the CP and OP permitting processes. The draft restructured conditions and fact sheet language can be found at the bottom of this webpage.

NDEQ is soliciting comments from interested parties during the public comment period, which is open through November 20, 2017. Comments received during the period will be considered by NDEQ as the agency implements the new standardized air quality permit Conditions I and II.

To submit comments, you may contact the NDEQ by email “ndeq.airquality@nebraska.gov” or by mail submitted to the attention of David Christensen, NDEQ Air Quality Division, P.O. Box 98922, Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-8922.

Standard Condition I will include standard permit conditions applicable to all CPs and OPs issued by NDEQ. General Condition II will include general permit conditions specific to the type of permit being issued (i.e. a Construction Permit, Class I Operating Permit, or a Class II Operating Permit).

Below are draft restructured standard conditions and fact sheet language:

SizeFile Name
101 KB Standard Condition I.pdf
90 KB CP General Condition II.pdf
156 KB OP Class I General Condition II .pdf
98 KB OP Class II General Condition II .pdf
78 KB Fact Sheet Language Condition I.pdf
7 KB Fact Sheet Language CP Condition II.pdf
79 KB Fact Sheet Language Class I OP Condition II.pdf
74 KB Fact Sheet Language Class II OP Condition II.pdf