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Environmental Update Presentations Available Online

April 17, 2015 – The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality held the annual Environmental Update in two locations in Nebraska:

April 14 – Lincoln, at the Country Inn and Suites, Beacon Hill – 5353 N. 27th Street

April 16 – North Platte, at the West Central Research and Extension Center – 402 West State Farm Road

Below are PDF vesions of the presentations that were made at the Environmental Updates, listed in order of presentations at the Lincoln workshop.

SizeFile Name
405 KB Welcome.pdf
1,156 KB CWA Ammonia Standard.pdf
267 KB Siting and Permitting - NDEQ Permiting Process for Agriculture.pdf
869 KB Siting and Permitting - NDEQ Permiting Process for Waste Management.pdf
2,923 KB NDEQ Remediation and Voluntary Cleanup Programs.pdf
4,911 KB GHG NSPS Regulations for New and Existing EGUs.pdf
290 KB NDEQ News.pdf
4,135 KB NDEQ Information and Records.pdf
831 KB Pretreatment.pdf
4,281 KB NDEQ Update on NAAQS.pdf
2,498 KB Next Gen Overview.pdf