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The Permit Matrix: A Tool to Make Compliance Easy and Simplify the Permitting Process

Aug. 15, 2018 -- The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality has developed a Permit Matrix, which is an on-line tool to help new and expanding businesses better understand permit-related issues.

The Permit Matrix is an Excel document that provides a menu and links to an extensive amount of permit-related information. It contains links to forms or online application systems, guidance documents, program overviews, regulations, supporting NDEQ web pages, and additional local, state, regional and federal resources.

The purpose of the matrix is to provide an online tool for gathering relevant permit information to help make compliance easy. It can be a useful tool for:
  • Prospective businesses that are considering options to open a facility in Nebraska;
  • Companies that may be considering an expansion to an existing facility;
  • Facilities that plan to install an emergency generator, incinerator, or boiler;
  • Others who want to learn more about business and environmental permits, such as: livestock producers, wastewater operators, regulatory professionals, business consultants, environmental managers and students.

The Permit Matrix can be found at NDEQ’s website,
http://dee.ne.gov. Click on the Environmental Assistance tab, and then select the box that has a link to the Permit Matrix. The direct URL is http://deq.ne.gov/publica.nsf/pages/18-011. The Excel file may be downloaded, and NDEQ encourages those who use this tool to check back for periodic updates.

NDEQ recommends starting with the introduction page of the matrix, which provides an overview of the questions to get started, as well as explanations for navigating the matrix. NDEQ welcomes and encourages feedback on how we may improve the to
ol. Suggestions may be sent to ndee.Assistance@nebraska.gov.

If you have questions about the matrix or other permit-related issues, please contact the NDEQ's Small Business and Public Assistance Coordinator at (402) 471-8697.