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2019 Flood “Dashboard” Provides Updates of Environmental Issues

The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality and the Nebraska Energy Office have developed a 2019 flood “dashboard” that provides summaries and updates of ongoing flood-related issues. On the first page, maps provide the status of wastewater facilities, public water systems, waste debris management, and livestock facilities. Text also provides updates on air and energy objectives and status of activities. The second page provides a table and text that provides more detailed county-by-county explanation of areas where there continue to be significant issues.

Click the link below to open a PDF of the dashboard:

SizeFile Name
2,377 KB Flood 2019 dashboard 4-25.pdf
2,409 KB 4-29-19 NDEQ Flood 2019 dashboard.pdf
2,453 KB 05-06-19 NDEQ Flood 2019 dashboard.pdf
2,446 KB 05-13-19 NDEQ Flood 2019 Dashboard.pdf
2,639 KB 05-19-19 NDEQ Flood 2019 Dashboard.pdf
2,616 KB 05-26-19 NDEQ Flood 2019 Dashboard.pdf
2,614 KB 06-02-19 NDEQ Flood 2019 Dashboard.pdf
2,636 KB 06-09-19 NDEQ Flood 2019 Dashboard.pdf