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Environmental Update Presentations Now On-Line

March 29, 2012 – Presentations from NDEQ's annual Environmental Update, which was held March 22, 2012, are posted below. NDEQ provides updates on a variety of environmental topics at this annual event, and representatives from businesses and industries were invited to ask questions, pick up new information, and provide feedback.

Below are copies of the meeting agenda, and PDF versions of Powerpoint presentations and handouts:

Meeting Agenda

(See attached file: 2012 Env Update Agenda.pdf)
File Size: 73 KB

An Inspector’s Perspective – What Businesses Should Know
NDEQ Multi-Media Panel Discussion: Jeffery Edwards, Waste Management Division; Reuel Anderson, Water Quality Division; Joseph Harris, Air Quality Division

(See attached file: Common Haz Waste Violations.pdf)
File Size: 528 KB

(See attached file: Clean Air Act Inspection.pdf)
File Size: 144 KB

What You Need to Know in Regard to Your Storage Tank Requirements
Clark Conklin – Nebraska State Fire Marshal Office

(See attached file: Storage Tank Requirements.pdf)
File Size: 7.6 MB

What Greening Your Operations Can Do For You
Carrie Hakenkamp – WasteCap Nebraska

(See attached file: Greening Your Operations.pdf)
File Size: 2.6 MB

Groundwater Monitoring and Monitoring Protocols
David Miesbach – Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality

(See attached file: GW Monitoring and Protocols.pdf)
File Size: 3.6 MB

NPDES and Industry – An Overview of NPDES General Permits
NPDES Unit – Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality

(See attached file: Overview of NPDES General Permits.pdf)
File Size: 3.9 MB

Air Quality Updates – Boilers, Generators, Stack Tests, and More
Melissa Ellis, Todd Ellis – Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality

(See attached file: Air Quality Updates.pdf)
File Size: 288 KB

SizeFile Name
73 KB 2012 Env Update Agenda.pdf
528 KB Common Haz Waste Violations.pdf
144 KB Clean Air Act Inspection.pdf
7,591 KB Storage Tank Requirements.pdf
2,663 KB Greening Your Operations.pdf
3,678 KB GW Monitoring and Protocols.pdf
3,954 KB Overview of NPDES General Permits.pdf
288 KB Air Quality Updates.pdf