NPDES General Permits
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Form #:  16-023
General Permit
Revised: 12/19/16

If your facility is discharging or is proposing to discharge into waters of the state, you are required to have a permit under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), per Nebraska Title 119 – Rules and Regulations Pertaining to the Issuance of Permits under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System. Title 119 NPDES permits also pertain to significant industrial users discharging to a publicly owned treatment works. General NPDES permits for concentrated animal feeding operations are covered separately under Nebraska Title 130 – Livestock Waste Control Regulations. The Department is responsible for developing and issuing NPDES permits and insuring permitted facilities comply with permit requirements.

What is the benefit of a general permit versus a site-specific one?

Regulations require a site-specific NPDES permit application be submitted to NDEQ at least 180 days prior to the date of first discharge. However, since NPDES general permits have already gone through the public review and comment process they can typically be authorized by the Department in 30 days or less.

In addition to the NPDES general permits listed below, other general permits under Title 119 cover land applications of grinding/grooving concrete slurry, applications of pesticides, and the discharge of treated remediation groundwater. The following are common permits which may be applicable to your business.

Storm Water Permits during Construction

An NPDES Construction Storm Water General Permit – Notice of Intent (CSW-NOI) is needed if during the construction of the project, over one acre of land is disturbed. Development of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) that addresses erosion and sediment control must occur and be in place prior to an application submittal. The Department must receive the Notice of Intent at least seven days in advance of starting land grading and clearing activities. The NPDES Construction Storm Water permit application process is now done online, with instructions how to register for an account available on the Department’s website. All pertinent application information is included in the online application process. Additional permit information can be obtained by calling (402) 471-8330.

Storm Water Permits during Operation

This general permit, also known as the Industrial Storm Water General Permit, or ISW-GP, is an industrial storm water permit that authorizes discharges of storm water associated with industrial activities to waters of the State, municipal separate storm sewer or combined sewer systems. Chapter 10 of Title 119 – Rules and Regulations Pertaining to the Issuance of Permits under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System outlines the 11 categories of industrial activity to which this permit is applicable. If seeking coverage under this permit, you must submit an NPDES Industrial Storm Water Permit – Notice of Intent (ISW-NOI) to the Department at least thirty 30 days prior to starting up your operations/facility. Like the NPDES construction storm water permit, development of a SWPP addressing storm water runoff and exterior housekeeping is required prior to permit application submittal. The NPDES Industrial Storm Water permit and associated forms are available on the NDEQ website. This permit is good until June 30, 2021. Further industrial storm water permit information can be obtained by calling (402) 471-4205.

Hydrostatic Testing Permits

NPDES permits are required for the discharge of hydrostatic testing fluids, which often originate from the testing of new and existing tanks and pipelines for leakage. The primary pollutant from such tests is suspended solids. Those seeking coverage under this permit must submit a Hydrostatic Testing Notice of Intent (HST-NOI). This general permit expires on December 31, 2021. Additional hydrostatic discharge information can be obtained by calling (402) 471-4209.

Dewatering Discharge Permits

The General NPDES Permit Authorizing Dewatering Discharges allows the discharge of water from construction excavation and dewatering wells into ground or surface waters of the state. Discharges of these types have a higher potential for containing suspended solids. Permit requirements include submission of a Discharge Watering Notice of Intent (DW-NOI). This general permit is good until December 31, 2021. Additional dewatering discharge information can be obtained by calling (402) 471-4209.

General Permits – Summary Table

Authorization Timeframe
Expiration Date
NPDES Construction Storm Water Permit
Title 119
7 Calendar Days
October 31, 2021
NPDES Industrial Storm Water Permit
Title 119
30 Calendar Days
June 30, 2021
NPDES Hydrostatic Permit
Title 119
10 Calendar Days
December 31, 2021
NPDES Dewatering Permit
Title 119
10 Calendar Days
December 31, 2021


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  • NDEQ Small Business and Public Assistance - (402) 471-8697

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