Examination for Certification
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Form #: 12-015 Guidance Documents Revised: 9/13/22

Examinations for certification are developed and administered by the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE) and are designed to test the general knowledge of the applicants regarding onsite wastewater construction standards, soils and geology of the state, Title 124 - Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems and any other knowledge the Department deems essential to the successful practice of the profession for which certification is requested.

Examinations are scheduled by the Department on a regular basis throughout the year. To become certified, an application for certification by examination, certification application fee and exam fee for each exam to be taken must be submitted to the NDEE. Applications received less than five days prior to a scheduled examination date may be held for the next scheduled examination date. Applicants must show photographic identification at the examination site to be admitted for examination.

The examinations will be by open book testing and the Department will make available to each examinee at the test site a copy of Title 124 and other documents which cover the subject matter tested in the exam. All materials provided to the examinee by the Department for use during the examination will remain the property of the Department and must be returned upon completion of the exam. Any materials brought by examinees to the examination site for use in completing the examination may be subject to inspection by examination proctors and subject to confiscation or exclusion from the examination area for the duration of the exam without advance notice to examinees.

Use of equipment capable of copying or reproducing the examination by the examinee during the examination is prohibited and may result in expulsion from the examination, rejection of the application and forfeiture of all fees submitted. In addition, use of telephonic or radio equipment by the examinee during the examination is prohibited and may result in expulsion from the examination, rejection of the application and forfeiture of all fees submitted.

The Department may provide for special arrangements for administering the examinations, which to the extent possible, will accommodate special circumstances of an applicant without compromising the examination purposes or integrity. Such special circumstances may include, but not be limited to, reading difficulties, physical skills limitations, or absence from the state during regular examination dates. Accommodations may include special proctors or readers, oral examination, dictation of answers, use of online exams, or use of non-resident proctors.

Applicants will be notified in writing regarding the examination results. Results will be either pass or fail. Applicants who pass an examination in any category will be issued a certificate in that category. A passing grade of 80% percent shall be required for certification in any category.

An applicant who fails an examination will be permitted to be re-examined at a subsequent examination. An applicant who desires to be re-examined must submit an application for certification by examination and the exam fee. The certificate application fee is not required for re-examination within two years of initial application. An applicant who fails three examinations in succession shall obtain a minimum of six hours of approved continuing education prior to re- examination. Failure to pass the examination within two years of the date the initial application for certification by examination was received will result in the rejection of the application. An individual whose application has been rejected who desires certification must submit a new application for certification by examination and the applicable examination and application fees.