Land Application Training
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Form #: 18-001 Guidance Documents Revised: 3/1/22

Land Application Training

All Large Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit holders are required to satisfactorily complete land application training.

An authorized representative, permittee, or employee of the operation must complete this training within 180 days of the operation receiving an approval to operate under a Construction and Operating Permit or of receiving NPDES permit coverage, unless such training was satisfactorily completed within the previous 5 years.

Title 130, “Livestock Waste Control Regulations,” Chapter 5, requires at least one of the above-named persons to satisfactorily complete additional training every 5 years thereafter. When training is required, the permittee is responsible for ensuring the training is obtained and for keeping records of the land application training. The Department also encourages permittees to make this training available to the employees of the operation responsible for the land application of livestock waste.

Currently, the following options have been approved by the Department as meeting the requirement to obtain Land Application Training.

A) Winter Training Workshops – An approved land application training program is offered annually, by UNL, during the first quarter of the year. Dates of the training will be announced in January prior to the first workshop, or you may contact the Department, Agriculture Section at (402) 471-4239.
  • For anyone taking the training for the first time, the initial training involves morning and afternoon sessions.
  • The renewal training (required every 5 years) requires the morning session only.
  • To pre-register for the training, contact UNL Extension CNMP Project Coordinator Leslie Johnson at (402) 584-3818.

B) Archived Training – An archive of the winter training material is available for viewing by making arrangements through a County Extension Educator. Viewing the archived material may be an alternative method for completing land application training. Persons taking land application training by this method must obtain a letter of attendance from the Extension Educator to meet the training requirement.

C) Online Training – An approved land application training program is also offered online by UNL. This option is valid for both initial and recertification training and is available anytime at the following website:
  • For questions about this training option, contact the UNL Extension CNMP Project Coordinator Leslie Johnson at (402) 584-3818.

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