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NDEQ Compliance Assistance Program
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The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) is required by statute and is committed to providing compliance assistance to the regulated community. Compliance assistance is preferable to enforcement in achieving regulatory compliance and as such the NDEQ emphasizes providing assistance as a primary course of action toward achieving compliance. By having staff members whose primary function is providing assistance and integrating the practices of compliance assistance into all NDEQ functions, effective assistance is available to Nebraska businesses that promote regulatory compliance and ultimately enhances Nebraska’s environment.

What Assistance is Available?

As the state’s lead environmental agency, the NDEQ has knowledge of and access to many of the resources and tools available to help you achieve and go beyond your environmental compliance obligations. Compliance assistance is available in many forms and on a variety of topics. Whether you have questions regarding hazardous waste, air quality, water quality, or other environmental issues, the NDEQ’s assistance program is available to help you understand and comply with environmental regulations. Some of the areas where the NDEQ can provide assistance are: How To Get Assistance
Who Provides Assistance?

All NDEQ staff members have a role in providing assistance, but to better serve the regulated community and the public, the NDEQ has staff members whose primary role is to provide assistance. Please call any of the following programs for answers to your questions:

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