2008 Toxic Blue-green Algae
and Bacteria Sampling Results

NDEQ conducts weekly or bi-weekly sampling for toxic blue-green algae and bacteria at a number of public recreational lakes across Nebraska from May through September, and these results are updated weekly. Samples are typically collected on Monday and posted on the web site on Thursday or Friday.

At the top of the table below is a list of all Current Lake(s) on Health Alert for toxic blue-green algae. Lakes that have been placed on Health Alert must subsequently have two consecutive weeks of low readings before the alert is ended.
Click here for more information about Health Alerts and toxic algae.

The next category, High E. Coli Bacteria Readings, lists lakes that showed unusually high readings of bacteria in the most recent sampling, which can also be a health concern.
* Bacteria figures preceded by an asterisk indicate that the five-sample average is considered higher risk for illness through inadvertent ingestion during recreational activities.
Click here for more information about bacteria and its potential health effects.

The last category, Other Lakes Sampled, lists the results for lakes which are not under Health Alert for toxic algae, and their most recent sample results for bacteria are considered low.

Click on any lake name on the table below to view a chart of that lake’s sample results for toxic algae (Microcystins) and E.coli bacteria for the 2008 recreational season

Lake NameLake # -- County- Last Updated - Microcystin (ppb) - E.coli Bacteria
Hide details for Current Lake(s) on Health AlertCurrent Lake(s) on Health Alert
Pawnee Reservoir 34Lancaster10/02/200812.87488
Pawnee Reservoir34aLancaster10/02/200812.7644
Swan Creek #5A40Saline10/02/200821.7891
Willow Creek Reservoir46Pierce10/02/200845.43228
Hide details for High E.coli Bacteria LevelsHigh E.coli Bacteria Levels
Big Indian Creek Reservoir2Gage10/02/200801120
Branched Oak Reservoir5Lancaster10/02/20081.691785
Cub Creek #12A10Jefferson10/02/200806488
Johnson Lake19Gosper10/02/20080.24517
Johnson Lake19aGosper10/02/20080.07411
Lake McConaughy21Keith10/02/20080.11816
Hide details for Other Lakes SampledOther Lakes Sampled
Bader Park Lake #21Merrick10/02/20080.011
Bluestem Reservoir3Lancaster10/02/20080.0381
Box Butte Reservoir4Dawes10/02/2008020
Branched Oak Reservoir5aLancaster10/02/20080.8644
Bridgeport Middle Lake6Morrill10/02/200801
Calamus Reservoir7Garfield10/06/20080.0542
Carter Lake8Douglas10/02/20080.9579
Conestoga Reservoir9Lancaster10/02/20083.072
Enders Reservoir11Chase09/25/2008.1.1
Fremont Lake #1012Dodge10/02/20080.098
Fremont Lake #2013Dodge10/02/20080.064
Fremont Lake #2013aDodge10/02/20080.274
Fremont Lake #914Dodge10/02/20080.150
Glenn Cunningham15DouglasNo SamplesNo Samples
Harlan Reservoir16Harlan10/02/20080.099
Holmes Lake17Lancaster10/02/20083.7228
Iron Horse Trail Lake18Pawnee09/25/20082.771
Kirkman’s Cove Reservoir20Richardson09/25/200812.6536
Lake North22Platte10/02/20080.016
Lake Yankton23Cedar10/01/2008020
Lewis & Clark Reservoir24Knox10/01/20080146
Lone Star Reservoir25Fillmore10/02/20080.027
Louisville Lake #226Cass10/02/20080.142
Maloney Reservoir27Lincoln10/02/20080.110
Maskenthine Reservoir28Stanton10/02/20080.1228
Medicine Creek Reservoir29Frontier10/02/20080.049
Merritt Reservoir30Cherry10/02/20088.256
Minatare Lake31Scotts Bluff10/02/2008.0110
Mormon Island Lake32Hall10/02/200802
Oliver Reservoir33Kimball09/11/2008022
Red Willow Reservoir35Frontier10/02/20080.281
Rockford Reservoir36Gage10/02/20084.872
Sherman Reservoir37Sherman10/06/2008032
Silver Creek City Pond38MerrickNo SamplesNo Samples
Sutherland Reservoir39Lincoln10/02/20080.0612
Swanson Reservoir41Hitchcock10/02/20080.011
Two Rivers SRA Lake #442Douglas10/02/20080.0631
Valentine Mill Pond43Cherry10/02/2008035
Victory Lake44Dodge10/02/20080.092
Wagon Train Lake45Lancaster10/02/20080.087
Wirth Brothers Lake47Johnson09/25/2008.024

* Bacteria figures preceded by an asterisk indicate that the five-sample average is considered higher risk for illness through inadvertent ingestion during recreational activities.

The map below shows the locations of the lakes referred to in the table above

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