NESHAP Notification Form – Plating and Polishing
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Form #:  08-016
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Revised: 9/1/13

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) promulgated national emission standards for hazardous air pollutants for plating and polishing operations on July 1, 2008 (73 Federal Register 127). This regulation is found in 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart WWWWWW. This rule will require all sources meeting the applicability requirements within this category to meet best management practices to reduce hazardous air pollutant emissions and submit an initial notification and notification of compliance status forms.

You are subject to this rule if you own or operate a plating and polishing facility that uses or emits any of the following plating and polishing metal HAPs (compounds of cadmium, *chromium, lead, manganese, or nickel) and is an area source of HAP emissions (has the potential to emit less than 10 tons per year of a single HAP or less than 25 tons per year of combined HAPs).
Above are the initial notification and compliance status notification forms, in Word and PDF:

Above are the compliance status notification forms, in Word and PDF:

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