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The NSPS Notebook contains applicability information, regulatory citations, amendment dates, sources in NDEE's jurisdiction, related rules, guidance documents, forms, and other helpful information.

This table is to be used as an assistance tool to comply with the NSPS regulations. This table is by no means inclusive and is not meant to serve as a substitute for being aware and understanding all applicable regulations.

This table is arranged alphabetically by regulation subpart letter, then by Appendix.
Commenced construction date means the date that an owner or operator has started undertaking a continuous program of fabrication, erection, or installation of an affected facility, except for NSPS Subparts IIII and JJJJ. For NSPS Subparts IIII and JJJJ, the commenced construction date is the date the owner or operator has ordered the engine

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A General Provisions
CEmission Guidelines and Compliance Times
CbEmission Guidelines for Large Municipal Waste Combustors that are Constructed on or before September 20, 1994
CcEmission Guidelines for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
CdEmission Guideline for Sulfuric Acid Production
CeEmission Guidelines for Hospital/Medical/Infectious Waste Incinerators
CfEmission Guidelines for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills Con/Recon/Mod before July 17, 2014
DFossil-Fuel-Fired Steam Generators
DaElectric Utility Steam Generating Units
DbIndustrial-Commercial-Institutional Steam Generating Units
DcSmall Industrial/Commercial/Institutional Steam Generating Units
EaMunicipal Waste Combustors Constructed is Commenced After December 20, 1989 and on or before September 20, 1994
EbLarge Municipal Waste Combustors for which commenced construction after September 20, 1994 or for which modification or reconstruction is commenced after July 19, 1996
EcHospital/Medical/Infectious Waste Incinerators which Commenced Construction after June 20, 1996
FPortland Cement Plants
GNitric Acid Plants
GaNitric Acid Plants
HSulfuric Acid Plants
IHot Mix Asphalt Facilities
JPetroleum Refineries
JaPetroleum Refineries
KStorage Vessels for Petroleum Liquids for which Construction, Reconstruction, or Modification Commenced After June 11, 1973 and Prior to May 19, 1978
KaStorage Vessels for Petroleum Liquids for which Construction, Reconstruction, or Modification Commenced After May 18, 1978 and Prior to July 23, 1984
KbVolatile Organic Liquid Storage Vessels (including Petroleum Liquids Storage Vessels) for which Construction, Reconstruction, or Modification Commenced After July 23, 1984
LSecondary Lead Smelters
MSecondary Brass and Bronze Production Plants
NPrimary Emissions from Basic Oxygen Process Furnaces for which Construction Commenced after June 11, 1973
NaSecondary Emissions from Basic Oxygen Process Steelmaking Facilities
OSewage Treatment Plants
PPrimary Copper Smelters
QPrimary Zinc Smelters
RPrimary Lead Smelters
SPrimary Aluminum Reduction Plants
TPhosphate Fertilizer Industry: Wet-Process Phosphoric Acid Plants
UPhosphate Fertilizer Industry: Superphosphoric Acid Plants
VPhosphate Fertilizer Industry: Diammonium Phosphate Plants
WPhosphate Fertilizer Industry: Triple Superphosphate Plants
XPhosphate Fertilizer Industry: Granular Triple Superphosphate Storage Facilities
YCoal Preparation Plants
ZFerroalloy Production Facilities
AASteel Plants: Electric Arc Furnaces Constructed After October 21, 1974, and On or Before August 17, 1983
AAaSteel Plants: Electric Arc Furnaces and Argon-Oxygen Decarburization Vessels Constructed after August 17, 1983
BBKraft Pulp Mills
BBaKraft Pulp Mills
CCGlass Manufacturing Plants
DDGrain Elevators
EESurface Coating of Metal Furniture
GGStationary Gas Turbines
HHLime Manufacturing Plants
KKLead-Acid Battery Manufacturing Plants
LLMetallic Mineral Processing Plants
MMAutomobile and Light Duty Truck Surface Coating Operations
NNPhosphate Rock Plants
PPAmmonium Sulfate Manufacture
QQGraphic Arts Industry: Publication Rotogravure Printing
RRPressure Sensitive Tape and Label Surface Coating Operations
SSIndustrial Surface Coating: Large Appliances
TTMetal Coil Surface Coating
UUAsphalt Processing and Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing
VVEquipment Leaks of VOC in the Synthetic Organic Chemicals Manufacturing Industry
VVaEquipment Leaks of VOC in the Synthetic Organic Chemicals Manufacturing Industry
WWBeverage Can Surface Coating Industry
XXBulk Gasoline Terminals
AAANew Residential Wood Heaters
BBBRubber Tire Manufacturing Industry
DDDVOC Emissions from the Polymer Manufacturing Industry
FFFFlexible Vinyl and Urethane Coating and Printing
GGGEquipment Leaks of VOC in Petroleum Refineries
GGGaEquipment Leaks of VOC in Petroleum Refineries
HHHSynthetic Fiber Production Facilities
IIIVOC Emissions from the Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry: Air Oxidation Unit Processes
JJJPetroleum Dry Cleaners
KKKEquipment Leaks of VOC from Onshore Natural Gas Processing Plants
LLLOnshore Natural Gas Processing: SO2 Emissions
NNNVOC Emissions from Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry: Distillation Operations
OOONonmetallic Mineral Processing Plants
PPPWool Fiberglass Insulation Manufacturing Plants
QQQVOC Emissions from Petroleum Refinery Wastewater Systems
RRRVOC Emissions from Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry: Reactor Processes
SSSMagnetic Tape Coating Facilities
TTTIndustrial Surface Coating: Surface Coating of Plastic Parts for Business Machines
UUUCalciners and Dryers in Mineral Industries
VVVPolymeric Coating of Supporting Substrates Facilities
WWWMunicipal Solid Waste Landfills
XXXMunicipal Solid Waste Landfills Con/Recon/Mod after 7/17/2014
YYYSynthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry - Wastewater
AAAASmall Municipal Waste Combustion Units
BBBBEmission Guides for Small Municipal Waste Combustion Units
CCCCCommercial and Industrial Solid Waste Incineration Units
DDDDEmission Guidelines for Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste Incineration Units
EEEEOther Solid Waste Incineration Units
FFFFEmission Guidelines for Other Solid Waste Incineration Units
IIIIStationary Compression Ignition Internal Combustion Engines (CI ICE)
JJJJStationary Spark Ignition Internal Combustion Engines (SI ICE)
KKKKStationary Combustion Turbines
LLLLNew Sewage Sludge Incinerators
MMMMEmission Guidelines for Existing Sewage Sludge Incineration Units
OOOOCrude Oil and Natural Gas Production, Transmission, and Distribution
TTTTElectric Utility Generating Units - GHG Standards
UUUUaEmission Guidelines for GHG Emissions from Existing EGUs
Appendix A-1Appendix A-1: Test Methods 1 through 2F
Appendix A-2Appendix A-2: Test Methods 2G through 3C
Appendix A-3Appendix A-3: Test Methods 4 through 5I
Appendix A-4Appendix A-4: Test Methods 6 through 10B
Appendix A-5Appendix A-5: Test Methods 11 through 15A
Appendix A-6Appendix A-6: Test Methods 16 through 18
Appendix A-7Appendix A-7: Test Methods 19 through 25E
Appendix A-8Appendix A-8: Test Methods 26 through 30B
Appendix BAppendix B: Performance Specifications
Appendix CAppendix C: Determination of Emission Rate Change
Appendix FAppendix F: Quality Assurance Procedures
Appendix JAppendix J: How to Determine Henry's Law Constants, Fm Values, Fr Values and Fe Values for Organic Compounds

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